Answers to Common Questions

1. What is Fairgrounds to Future?

Fairgrounds to Future is a process to create a community-minded vision for 38 acres on South Main Street, the former home of the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. Premier Health and the University of Dayton have a long history of working in partnership on a variety of initiatives to advance the community. This is another historic opportunity for these anchor institutions to work together once more on a project with such great promise. UD and Premier Health have a proven track record of excellent stewardship and are committed to a vision for the property that is consistent with and contributes to the missions of Premier Health and the University, as well as to the region’s economic growth and community needs.

2. Why is this project important?

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to establish a vision that will serve the missions of the two anchor institutions, align development of the 38 acres with downtown revitalization, and serve the broader interests of the Dayton community.

3. Who currently owns the fairgrounds property?

In April of this year, Premier Health and the University of Dayton completed the purchase of the 38-acre site. As anchor institutions, the partners are committed to a plan that authentically builds on their own institutional missions and values, promotes economic development, and fosters a unique sense of place that serves broad community interests. Premier Health and the University of Dayton have a long history of partnership on initiatives that advance and support community and economic development. Both are values-based, community-serving institutions. The University of Dayton and Premier Health are ultimately responsible for the final  decisions, and will remain open to other sources of funding.

The Montgomery County Agricultural Society will remain on the property on South Main Street until the spring of 2018. The community’s favorite events will remain on the property throughout the winter. The staff, and the annual events, will move when the new fairgrounds opens at Arthur O. Fisher Park in Jefferson Township.

4. Who will lead the Fairgrounds to Future planning process?

Fairgrounds Redevelopment, LTD is a joint venture between the University of Dayton and Premier Health’s Miami Valley Hospital, which was formed to manage the project. The two institutions hired the planning consulting firm planning NEXT to facilitate the process. Leadership from both institutions will be involved throughout the process.

5. This redevelopment will directly affect the surrounding neighborhoods, how are they and other stakeholders being involved in the process?

The planning process will be deliberate, thoughtful, and inclusive. Neighborhoods and local stakeholders throughout the region will be invited to participate through workshops, focus groups, stakeholder interviews as well as through an interactive website with opportunities to provide input at every step in the process.

6. Is there a role for the public to be involved?

As part of the planning process, the planning team will provide a variety of opportunities this fall for meaningful input. Anyone who cares about the future of the site is welcome to provide feedback as the vision for the development takes shape. So far, two public workshops have been held, on November 2, 2017 and January 25, 2018.

7. What happened at the Fairgrounds to Future Workshop on November 2, 2017?

Participants had the opportunity to learn more about the overall planning process and to provide input. Interactive discussions centered around the long-term opportunities that exist on the site for neighborhoods, institutions, the City, and the region. Participants worked together in small groups to generate innovative ideas and discuss opportunities about the site’s future.

8. Will the Roundhouse stay on the property?

The team will explore two options during the planning process. The Roundhouse will be restored to historical standards and incorporated as a unique space as a part of the master plan, or the Roundhouse will be moved to a new location and restored to historical standards.

9. How can I learn more about the process?

You can find out more on the About page or contact us directly at