“Fairgrounds to Future: Transforming for Tomorrow” is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help shape the future of an important and historic community destination. The planning process will include opportunities for meaningful input from individuals, community groups and other stakeholders.

Premier Health and the University of Dayton joined together to purchase and redevelop the 38-acre former fairgrounds site. As anchor institutions, the partners are committed to a plan that authentically builds on their own institutional missions and values, promotes economic development, and fosters a unique sense of place that serves broad community interests. Premier Health and UD are values-based, community-serving institutions with a long history of partnership on initiatives that advance and support community and economic development.

The Process

The planning process kicked off in the fall of 2017 and is ongoing.

Community Input

Community input was gathered during public workshops on November 2, 2017 and January 25, 2018. Online engagement opportunities have been offered throughout the process and all input databased for consideration by the planning team.

Technical Analysis

A technical analysis will be completed to translate development opportunities into realistic and financeable implementation initiatives. A physical assessment will consider existing conditions and infrastructure needs.

Development Framework

Principles to guide development will be prepared that take into consideration findings from the physical assessment, market analyses, and input from stakeholders and the general public.

Plan Completion

The final plan will include the overall development plan and implementation plan as well as an investment prospectus and developer package.

Who is involved?

Fairgrounds Redevelopment, LTD was formed to manage the project and have hired the planning consulting firm Planning NEXT to facilitate the process. Leadership from both institutions will be involved throughout the process.

Steering Committee

Decision making and project direction

The Steering Committee is a leadership group organized to learn, deliberate, and make decisions. They will review recommendations and make decisions at critical junctures that allow the master plan to evolve.

General Public

Input and feedback

Face-to-face workshops, meetings and online tools will offer a variety of ways for the community to give input throughout the planning process. The first two public workshops were held on November 2, 2017 and January 25, 2018.

Advisory Committee

Wide involvement for institutional and community partners

Will support and advise throughout the process and provide local knowledge and expertise to the planning process.

Stakeholder Groups

External participation from interested community groups

Targeted input and feedback from specific community groups in the area.